ONEX Venture Capital Fund

Warsaw Consultants and ONEX Capital Limited operate a boutique early-stage venture capital platform to support and co-finance interesting and innovative business ideas. ONEX invests or co-invests gradually and receives shares in exchange for the added value that we provide. Our current and past portfolio companies come from disruptive digital economy sectors. Actual projects-in-the-making are located in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Toronto and Sydney. We engage in close partnerships, offer capital and supporting services. The program is led by Pawel Osowski, leveraging his experience being on both sides of the table as entrepreneur and early stage investor.

If you are looking to finance your start-up or early stage-business, please contact us directly and send a short executive summary of your venture containing some of your individual flavour that makes you stand out from the crowd. With offices in Warsaw and Toronto we can leverage your project and offer outstanding conditions for growth.

Get ready for impossible to happen!
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